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magento sport theme mp_asport for sporting goods store was designed with modern, flat style. Simple and unique for impress customer to viewing products. You can use this Magento Theme for your sport, clothes, electronics, computers, jewelry, handmade products, etc store.


Extensions included:

MagPassion_Asport was package formed Magento Extension.



MagPassion_Asport directory structure

You should check directories permission before installation.

Install via Magento Connect Manager

Step 1: Go to Magento Connect Manager from admin Panel

Login with same admin user


Magento Connect Manager interface

Using Direct package file upload

Browser “MagPassion_Asport-1.0.0.tgz” file package from your local computer to install.

Click upload and check processing.

After done, back to Magento Admin Panel.

Installation by copy (upload via ftp) files

You can install this theme by copy source files and directories to right place.

Step one: Extract package file “MagPassion_Asport-1.0.0.tgz” by your softeare such as winzip, 7zip etc.

Step 2: Copy/upload file with drectories structured to website folder


Step 1: Go to theme package setting

From admin panel: System > Configuration > Design tab

Step 2: Setting fields value like image bellow

Field name value
Current Package Name magpassion
Translations asport
Templates asport
Skin (Images / CSS) asport
Layout asport
Default asport


Step 3: Save config

Step 4: Clear cache if necessary

From admin panel: System > Cache managerment

Check all cache and Refresh data

Flush Javascript/CSS cache.

Step 5: Go to frontend website

Default MagPassion_Asport after installation


From admin panel: CMS > Static Block

Add new block with content like image bellow:

Fields content value:

Field name Value
Block title Promotion
Identifier promotion
Store view All store view
Status Enable
Content Using wysiwyg to insert image, hypelink etc.



Before create block 

After create block

This extensions was implement with MagPassion_Asport theme package. You only use Magento Admin Panel to control it.

Go to Banner slider control from your admin panel:

Banner groups

The first, go to banner groups to create new.
Fill the form follow steps:




Save this banner group, and you get this:



Banner slides





Add some slide to your banner group.
A slide sample like this:

Display banner slider on your home page

At the homepage, we’d define a block at page.xml of this theme.
You can view it by edit file “app/design/frontend/magpassion/asport/layout/page.xml”
At line 66, the code is:
<block type="bannersliderpro/bannergroup_view" name="bannergroup_view_pro" as="homebanner" template="magpassion_bannersliderpro/bannergroup/view.phtml">
                    <action method="setBannerId"><id>1</id></action>
Notice: there are a method to set Id of banner group that you want to display. The default is “1”

Display banner slider on cms page

In cms page, you can use a widget to insert banner slider.
The sample like this:
Choose “Insert widget” button from magento editor toolbar
Choose widget type: banner group view (pro version)
Select banner group from list
Insert widget after choose banner group
Widget banner group after insert to content.

Display banner slider on category page

At category page, you can add a widget Banner group to “category description fileld”.

We’d customize default new product function from magento to display in hompage.

For display it, you can edit your home page cms like this:
Choose home page cms to edit
Some setting of home page
Display new product by add code.
The sample code you can copy and paste to your site:
{{block type="catalog/product_list" name="home.catalog.product.list" alias="products_homepage" category_id="5" template="catalog/product/list_home.phtml"}}
Set layout page is “1 column”

We’d define with depends:

Set number of column for each category

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