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Top 5 Tips to Hire the Right Magento Developer

So you’ve finally decided to start an E-commerce store? Congratulations, however, there are numerous decisions still to be made – from selecting a CMS to build your business on to choosing between the numerous apps and plugins available in the market and even hiring a developer that’s right for you.

It gets doubly tricky for non-techy individuals especially, in choosing the right Magento developer to help design their online store.

Firstly, it’s essential to define clearly, the qualities you’d expect in a developer, that way you can quickly narrow down the options.

For us, we prefer someone who not only has a vast knowledge of the Magento framework but also has years of hands-on and provable experience with certain web development technologies and practices such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the most important: PHP.

So, to ensure you make the best decision, here are some of our proven tips to hire a magneto developer for your e-commerce site.

The best developers aren’t searching

Fact is the best Magento developers or developers aren’t out there looking for jobs; they aren’t actively hungry for projects. They are the best, so they get projects from top businesses. Snagging them is going to take you quite a little bit of footwork.

The ones searching are usually not the best developers – they’re the less-skilled, newbie with little or no portfolio to prove their competence.

So what’s the best way to track down and hire experienced developers? One good way is to follow and interact with them on social media. Read and connect with them on their blogs, and of course, attend tech meetups and conferences (basically to see what type of work they may be interested in).

Magento Certification

The magneto platform offers a series of certification to developers such as the Magento Certfied Solution specialist to ensure they are up to date with new developments and features introduced.

So, one of the questions to ask the prospective developer is what’s their certification status and how recent is it. However, its essential to familiarize yourself with the current certification requirements so you know what to look for.

Also, seek out developers with recent certification, since they’re more likely to be up to date with the latest trends and technology.

Experience makes for a faster development process

This is seen in probably every industry, and the reason is obvious – the more experienced a developer is, the quicker they deliver projects, the reverse is also the case for inexperienced developers.

This, in most cases, is due to the fact that veteran programmers in all probability would have handled the same kind of challenges that may arise when working on your project.

Hence, they’re able to identify issues quickly, and also have solutions handy to tackle the challenge than say a newbie developer.

Find a developer with enough Magento resources

It’s vital to consider a developer with adequate resources to manage your site. You would want a programmer that’s available 24/7 and able to resolve issues promptly.

Ask about the developer’s team, how many people are on their team? Do they offer free after-sale services? How can you reach them during emergencies?

Their answers will give you an insight into whether they’re fit for a long-term relationship and even handle future updates.

Relevant customer references

The power of customer references should never be underestimated. Dig in, do due diligence, and read about what other clients are saying about their services.

Of course, we know some people fake their reviews; it’s still possible to find genuine recommendations by browsing company’s websites for portfolios, case studies, and or testimonials then going a bit further to have a word with their past clients.

If their clients are happy with the service, they received they would happily recommend the developer to you. It’s important to have handy questions to ask like what was their experience working with the developer like. Is there anything they would recommend you look out for?

Fair pricing & reasonable turnaround

Pricing and rate of delivery are two crucial factors that could go a long way in determining how early and quick you launch your online store; hence, it’s supremely important to ask questions about the price and time of delivering the project.

Most developers would want an hourly billing structure while others prefer a flat rate, so depending on your budget, you could go with either.

Bear in mind also, that hiring an experienced programmer may mean paying above market price point, but then, you’d be assured of having your project in good hands. And in most cases, their customer service is top-notch.

So, if support is a thing for you, then you might consider hiring experienced hands. However, ask these questions before signing the contract: What parameter or criteria did you make use of when coming up with your quote? And how would you justify your price for this project?

A clean and quality code base

A clean and quality code is non-negotiable if you intend developing the ecomm site from scratch. However, going this route for new internet business owners is not recommended; since one can easily buy neat, ready-to-install templates that get the job done.

If, however, you have the budget, then seek out a developer that writes clean code that can be read and managed by another programmer when they’re not available.

Also, lightweight, well-written codes make it easy to optimize the website for search engines.

In conclusion

Hiring a developer is a crucial aspect for a business owner intending to launch an e-commerce website – which could be the difference between a successful launching and raking in sales and failure due to heavy, over-bloated website.

We hope that these tips shared above will provide the pointers you need in hiring a magneto developer that’s suited for your business.

by Divya Gupta

Divya Gupta is a marketing expert & specializes in SEO, content marketing, video games and technology writing. When I'm not writing, you can usually find me chasing my dog around the backyard or beating my friend at yet another tabletop game.

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