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How to Find Top Products To Sell on Amazon with Jungle Scout?

As dropshipping, selling on Amazon can be equally lucrative business.

If you plan to sell on Amazon, Jungle Scout is the #1 Amazon product searching tool in market to find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Defined by a certain criteria, Jungle Scout quickly searches and collates all the sales-related data of the products in a tabular format. Sellers can filter the products on the basis of best ranks, price, sales accuracy, product reviews and much more.

Jungle Scout can also track the products to analyse their performances in the marketplace. It even allows you to spy on your competitors to see what’s working for them, so that you can alter your own strategies.

As per this JungleScout Review, “Jungle Scout is a wonderful time saving tool with a great interface. The fact that it overlays the data on top of the existing browser page, makes it super quick and easy to search and track products on Amazon.

On the downside, the Product Database may provide a great source of ideas, but it doesn’t cover everything that’s listed on Amazon. ”.

How To Find Products Using Jungle Scout?

To use Jungle Scout you first have to sign up with one of their two options – Chrome Extension and Web App.

Chrome Extension is easy to install and is used for searching products through the Chrome browsers. It overlays the statistics on top of the existing browser page, making it easier to search and view the results instantly.

The Chrome extension further gives you two choices, each with a one time fee –
Lite ($97) and Pro ($197).

The Lite version provides you with the columns for product name, brand, price, category, rank, estimated sales, estimated revenue, number of reviews, product ratings and seller. It is apt for beginners who are just trying to understand the basics of searching products that they can sell.

Pro version, on the other hand is suitable for more serious or intermediate sellers. Though it is double the cost of Lite, it offers additional and more useful features such as FBA fees, profit calculator, oversize indicators, dimensions and weight, monthly trends etc.

FBA fees gives you the potential fees charged by Amazon for a particular product, and it also depends upon the weight or size of the product. Profit calculator gives you the net price for a unit, after deducting the FBA fees.

The above metrics are important while selecting the products as they help you to understand which product will generate the maximum revenue. You can even view the price and rank history of the products for in-depth sales analysis.

The Pro version also gives you the ability to ‘directly add products to the Product Tracker’ (provided you have the Jungle Scout Web App subscription as well).

Web APP is a suite of three tools – Product Database, Product Tracker and Niche Hunter.

1. Product Database enables you define your criteria.

Choose your product category and further refine your searches through the numerous filtering options. You can filter by price range, net-profit, product-ranking, product-rating, estimated sales or revenue, number of reviews, weight of the product, competition etc.

Using the product tier, you can decide whether you want to sell the standard or oversized products. The database also enables you to include or exclude certain keywords while performing the searches.

2. Product Tracker does an excellent job of tracking the products you want to sell. You can easily add products from the Pro_Chrome Extension, Product Database or even from Amazon (by entering the ASIN or URL).

The tracker then analyses the sales performance of the products and gives you real-time data such as average price, average rank, units sold per day and average daily revenue. This helps you to understand how well the product is doing and whether it is worth investing in.

3. Niche Hunter helps you identify unique product ideas for a specific set of keywords. Products that have high demand, low opportunity score, low competition – usually have better sales possibilities. Niche Hunter also provides a wider range of best keyword suggestions for a given niche – that are used by other people.

Which Plans Are The Best?

The Web APP can be availed through three subscription plans – Startup ($39 /mo), Standard ($69 /mo) and Business ($99 /mo).

As you can see, Niche Hunter is accessible only via the Standard and Business plans. These plans also enable you to track more products and add multiple users to your account.

On the other hand, the Starter plan has everything you really need to sell. And most people find the Product Database and Product Tracker to be much more useful than Niche Hunter. This means that if you’re the sole user but looking to make a decent profit, Starter plan can be better choice for you.

You can also use Chrome Extension and the Web APP together to avail the best of both.

With the Chrome extension, you can instantly search and access the product stats while browsing and add products directly to the tracker in a single click. The Web APP tracker then collects the sales data for that product and starts showing the results within 3-4 days. This combination reduces the manual effort and expedites the entire search process.

Tips to Choose the Products

It’s always a good idea to do a thorough research before adding products to your marketplace for maximum conversions.

  • According to market studies, a product that sells at a ‘moderate’ price range ( $15- $80) is mostly a good choice.
  • Opting for small and lightweight products (weight limit less than 3lbs) have lower FBA fees.
  • Try to include popular products. The best sellers rank (somewhere between 500-1500) will give you an idea about how well an item is selling.
  • Assess your competition and figure out their number of reviews. If you have anybody listed in the top 5 with less than 100 reviews, then you may be able to outrank them by enhancing your quality listings.

The Good and the Bad …

Jungle Scout is definitely a great time saver when it comes to searching for best products to sell.

It gives you the real sales data of a product and several niche opportunities to meet your goals. It also includes all the variations of the product while listing them in the product database. (This helps because each variation has a different retail price and FBA fees).

The customer service is also great with round-the-clock support team.

Jungle Scout Database however, doesn’t cover everything on Amazon. You would need to do some data digging yourself to find some better selling opportunities. You can then add those products to your tracker to follow their sales performance.

Also, there could be a possibility of inaccurate sales estimate. Use the tracker to analyze the sales volume for a certain period to get a better idea on your profit margins.

by Divya Gupta

Divya Gupta is a marketing expert & specializes in SEO, content marketing, video games and technology writing. When I'm not writing, you can usually find me chasing my dog around the backyard or beating my friend at yet another tabletop game.

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