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Best Magento Mobile App Builder – Mofluid

The 2018 statistics from statistic shows that 198.8 million of Americans have used mobile apps for shopping . Given these numbers, it is logical for any business owner to have a mobile store for their business.

Why a mobile app?

  1. Increased number of shoppers which will directly increase sales and revenue
  2. It is cost effective for a seller to have a mobile app rather than build a complete website
  3. Other features that we will mention later

So, all business owners on the Magento store it is time you looked at apps that help you build your store easily. Listed are four apps that will help you build your store.


1.Mofluid – Magento App Builder

By far the best app to build your Magento mobile app is Mofluid. This is a very user- friendly app and even a novice with technology can get their store up and about in no time. A user just needs to install the extension, configure them from the admin panel, download the app builds and release them. The Mofluid app has a host of other features which are highlighted below:

  1. Multi-Lingual: The app can be viewed in English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew. Thus, with one click you cater to many audiences.
  2. Customized themes: The app offers two themes. Vogue which is fashion-centric and Modern which is for all kinds of stores.
  3. Multi-store view: For a seller, this is a boon. If you have multiple stores all of them can be brought together in one app with a single back-end.
  4. Shipping: the app helps to integrate all shipping methods within the Magento standards. Not only does it support all shipping through Magento, it also integrates third-party shipping within as permitted by Magento.
  5. Multiple payment getaways: Customers can pay choose from a range of secure payment getaways like Payu, Paypal, apple pay, CCAvenue or paytm to name a few.
  6. Push Notifications: available to keep your customers informed of sales, special deals and offers.
  7. Seamless integration: The app plugin integrates your commerce store with the app. So, any change made to your website will be reflected on your app saving you the effort of duplicating work.
  8. Swipe Gestures and animations: The Mofluid plugin is integrated with this feature. This enhances speed in user action. The animations provide feedback to users informing them if they have completed a gestural action successfully.
  9. Social sign-in: Customers can sign in using the Google Plus or Facebook account. Which means one can use an existing account and save the hassle of creating a new account.
  10. Open source coding: Since the app has been developed using open source, one can change the layout and design easily.
  11. Compatible with IOS and Android: The app is available for both users and has an amazing interface for both users.
  12. Customization: if you are unhappy with the look and feel of the app or even if you want your store to be different from others, Mofluid offers you customization at minimal costs.
  13. Free Google Analytics: The Mofluid app provides you the google analytics extension for no extra cost. This gives small businesses the edge of using analytics to gain insights on their sales. And, a smart business person will use this feature to his/her advantage.  

The Mofluid app is priced at $399 for a startup and $799 for a small to medium size business. What more? This is a one-time fee with no annual renewal or any hidden costs.

For the array of features and price, Mofluid, in our opinion, is the best app available to build your Magento store!

Mofluid Alternatives

Magic Liquidizer:

This is a specific solution and might not work for all websites. What magic liquidizer does is that it transforms your current website into a mobile-friendly format without changing any of your core Magento designs. There is very little that one can do with this app.

The magic liquidizer doesn’t change anything on your website, it only mimics it into a mobile-friendly version. Yes, it does resize the image and change some display features on the page. So, this may not be the perfect solution but it’s good for beginners and those who want to put efforts only in the website version.


This is another app that offers you to build your store. The app supports all major features like product catalog, product filtering, keyword search and other features. The highlight of the app is that you can try it before purchasing. You can download the app, make the changes using their extension and Magento admin panel, publish the app, test it on various mobiles and then decide if you want to purchase the app or not. So, this app is really good who wants to test the waters before jumping in.

Elite mCommerce:

This app works on many platforms including Magento. Its pretty simple to use. Once you sign up you make the necessary changes to your store’s mobile version by adjusting the theme, colors, images etc. and you are ready to go. They have multiple themes, easy navigation, real-time integration and other features. It is compatible with both Android and IOS.

by Divya Gupta

Divya Gupta is a marketing expert & specializes in SEO, content marketing, video games and technology writing. When I'm not writing, you can usually find me chasing my dog around the backyard or beating my friend at yet another tabletop game.

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