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About us

Magento Themes & Extensions Development (Since 2009)

Our magento themes are fully compatible with magento CE 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8. Many helpful magento extensions are integrated to our themes to provide you the most powerful themes for your store that you will be surprised.
Our dedicated support team will help you resolve any problem when you need. With our promises and guarantee, shop with us no risk worries!
Around 2009, after few years working with Osecommerce, Joomla Virtuemart, suddenly one day our project manager rang "wow". The truth is that he has found an alternative solution that we are looking for a long time. It's surely Magento.
Since then, with the experience we have accumulated while working with Magento CE and experience related to SEO and Ecommerce, we are looking forward to the inspiration that come to you. So MagPassion released it as a necessity.

Who we are

Founded in January 2012, MagPassion has rapidly developed Magento Themes with comfortable for using.

What we do

We love our job of developing and designing beautiful Magento themes. Visiting our store, you will find a fresh style at high quality and reasonable prices. All of them was included SEO Optimized with many help you to e-commerce your store.

MagPassion Magento Themes

Was Designed with many styles. Easy to install, use, and customize without any coding experience.
Fast loading, integrated Seo utility, well base HTML structured.

MagPassion Magento Extensions

Main purpose built for our themes. it most likely top necessary extensions for your site.

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